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Magic Soil - Gel Polymer Water Beads

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Magic Soil - Gel Polymer Water Beads

Magic soil is a revolutionary new water conserving soil replacement for plants and other DIY products. These polymer gel balls absorb water and turn it into colorful shining beads. These colorful beads are a perfect money saving alternative to soil. You can use them for your houseplants or for decoration! Everything a plant needs to grow is water, air and nutrients.

Magic Soil provides the water in a new way, letting the beads attach to roots for an endless water supply. When the beads start to shrink, simply add some water for them to absorb. This technique allows for a long-lasting life for plants and less watering for you! The beads are a great additive for potting and garden soils too. The non-toxic polymer-substance will not harm plants, grass or soil!

Although non-toxic it should NEVER be consumed. Please use caution. Supervision is HIGHLY recommended.

How do I use Magic Soil?

Simply add the package of Magic beads into water. Once inside they will absorb water (you can watch the Magic as it happens)! Generally the beads will take up to 6-8 hours to be fully expanded.
Recommended water amount - 200 ml/200 beads.
Once the beads have fully absorbed the water they are ready for use! Add them to your favorite vase or have fun with some arts and crafts! The possibilities are endless!

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